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Twitter : if you've ever stolen a Tweet say sorry;

@cnnbrk Everywhere
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@Twitter everywhere
62M+ followers
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87561 listed

@cnni Everywhere
13M+ followers
369 following
48524 listed

8M+ followers
778 following
18817 listed

@wikileaks Everywhere
5M+ followers
7K+ following
49246 listed

@Skype Everywhere
4M+ followers
1K+ following
10827 listed

@altonbrown Everywhere
4M+ followers
1K+ following
8844 listed

@LalitKModi Everywhere
3M+ followers
3K+ following
4709 listed

@CaroWozniacki Everywhere
2M+ followers
143 following
7952 listed

@ErinAndrews Everywhere
2M+ followers
571 following
15117 listed

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