Today's Twitter Accounts With the Most Followers

@KaylaKayden vegasX
226K+ followers
39K+ following
931 listed

@sarahrainsford Ukraine
89K+ followers
1K+ following
2624 listed

@RailaOdinga Kenya
3M+ followers
2K+ following
1021 listed

@MbiereDaniel Kenya
7K+ followers
8K+ following
3 listed

@zjmreinado vini
39K+ followers
42K+ following
87 listed

0 following
42 listed

@pwrposebaldwin bieber follows • daniel too
8K+ followers
8K+ following
9 listed

41K+ followers
22K+ following
37 listed

12K+ followers
11K+ following
7 listed

14K+ followers
11K+ following
25 listed

@justintefollo ??.
62K+ followers
46K+ following
101 listed

@ddlovatuw Recife, Brasil
0 following
4 listed

22K+ followers
18K+ following
49 listed

90K+ followers
85K+ following
996 listed

11K+ followers
8K+ following
61 listed

@lmjcxrinthians Paraná
23K+ followers
21K+ following
40 listed

@purpositorio Paraná, Brasil
8K+ followers
6K+ following
52 listed

@physicalmj lmj1
23K+ followers
16K+ following
208 listed

10K+ followers
10K+ following
21 listed

15K+ followers
14K+ following
22 listed

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• Today's Twitter Accounts With the Most Followers