• Sergio Kun Aguero

  • Barcelona, España
  • 🇦🇷 CEO @KRUesports; @Stake - https://t.co/SiavGBJKzU; https://t.co/qWyPIcolpE
  • Handle for Sergio Kun Aguero : @aguerosergiokun
  • ID for Sergio Kun Aguero : 139092348
  • URL : https://t.co/MToWRjyRO9
Sergio Kun Aguero

Sergio Kun Aguero

🇦🇷 CEO @KRUesports; @Stake - https://t.co/SiavGBJKzU; https://t.co/qWyPIcolpE

Sergio Kun Aguero - Last Tweet @ 2022-06-26 19:05:13
Sergio Kun Aguero : Que hacen ? Dale a mirar @KRUesports la final viejo. En https://t.co/6Ibwr1AzFq https://t.co/atVdN9uK8Q;

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Public Figure. #TheMatts! #LGBT+ Advocate. World Traveler. Theme Park Lover. Christmas Light Choreographer.

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